Committing 33% of our profits to find & fund solutions to save and improve the MOST amount of lives.

Sunil Sajjan, Principal

Shray Patel, Principal

Brady Kline, Principal

Who We Are

We are real estate developers committed to finding & funding solutions to save or improve the most amount of lives, especially for those living in extreme poverty.

Sunil Sajjan, Principal

Shray Patel, Principal

Brady Kline, Principal

What We Do

We maximize real estate potential for our partners & clients, therefore maximizing the number of lives we can save or improve. 

Real Estate Development

We deploy various real estate development strategies to maximize real estate potential for our partners & clients. Our core focus involves acquiring & developing properties in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. With our previous experience in financing, development & construction, we have built a highly-qualified team of professionals that can lead & manage all aspects of real estate investment, development, entitlement, project/construction management, and asset/property management.

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Along with developing properties internally, we joint-venture & partner with other experienced developers, general contractors & operators that complement our skillsets & provide exceptional value for our partners & clients during the development process.

    Development & Project Management Consulting

    With backgrounds & expertise in development and construction management, we help owners from planning to execution of the entire real estate development & investment process in the city.

    • Development preliminary feasibility analysis (site selection, zoning analysis, “highest & best use” analysis, full development financial analysis, estimated project schedule).
    • Conceptual & continuous budget management, throughout every project phase.
    • Hiring & management of architectural, engineering (geotechnical, civil, structural & mechanical), GC, environmental engineers, special inspection testing & inspection, interior designers, lenders & loan brokers, marketing consultants, zoning attorney, & property managers.
    • Project team oversight and follow-up during design & construction to ensure both budget & schedule are continually monitored.
    • Phases: Pre-Acquisition, Acquisition, Pre-Construction (Conceptual Budgeting, Planning, Design/Agency Approvals) & Construction/Punchlist.

    Feasibility & Underwriting "Highest & Best Use" Study

    The most important part of real estate development process happens before the land or property is purchase. Determining development feasibility & valuation – i.e. conducting a preliminary feasibility & development study to assess the “highest & best use” of a potential acquisition & property – is immensely important to ensure a successful project. Our team has cultivated an intimate knowledge of the Philadelphia zoning/building code, submarkets and neighborhoods . Similarly, we have a deep expertise of the costs & timeline associated with the entire investment & development process. We provide valuations for a range of clients spanning brokers/wholesalers, small-to-mid-scale developers & mom-and-pop investors.

    • Building Feasibility & Unit Mix Study
    • Development Cost Analysis (Breakdown of Land, Hard & Soft Costs)
    • Rental Market/Neighborhood Study & Analysis
    • Pro Forma & Operating Expenses Analysis
    • Stress Test Analysis
    • Deal Structuring Modeling (Waterfalls, Preferred Returns, Sponsor Fees, Promotes)
    • Full Offering Memorandums & Presentations For Potential Investors & Lenders.

    Real Estate Marketing & Drone Photography Services

    This is our way of volunteering back to our local community. 100% OF ALL PROFITS ARE DONATED!

    • Drone Photography (4k Aerial Photography, Video Shoots, Stills, Construction Progress/Final Shots)
    • Property & Development Sales Offering Memorandums for Brokers & Wholesalers
    • Investor Presentations
    • Complete “Request for Financing” Packages for Banks & Lenders
    • Sponsor & Company Overview Presentations & Brochures
    • Website Design & Development

    How We Do it

    We thoroughly & critically review where & to whom we decide to donate our profits to. We rely on a global network of experts & access to world-class research on strategic giving to ensure we maximize the number of lives saved or improved.

    1. Identify & Select Pressing Cause Area.
    2. Understand Core Underlying Problems.
    3. Research & Prioritize Solutions/Interventions.
    4. Select Highly-Effective, Evidence-Backed Charity.
    5. Design, Develop & Manage Real Estate.
    6. Donate 33% of Profits To Selected Charity.

    Why We Do It

    We recognize this is an amazing, perhaps even the best, opportunity to do a huge amount of good for others AND for ourselves. One that caters our selfish human desire to achieve self-satisfaction & personal happiness. And one where we can make a truly massive impact on the lives of others.

    Altruism, when conducted effectively using both the heart & the head, is the MOST impactful way to benefit others & ourselves.